Fund Raising

Welcome to our fund raising page and thanks to all of you who have helped us with either donations, purchases, having a stall at our Craft Fairs, or volunteering to help at our events and in running the shop.

There is currently a target for fund raising of some £35,000, but over the next few years this will have to increase in order to cover our full running costs, currently in the region of £54,000.

The Directors and Committee members are exploring ways that will enable us to meet this future target. However, a key contribution will continue to be looked for from events held in the shop and elsewhere. Some of these are detailed below, with others to be added in due course.

Another way that you can help raise funds is when you buy things on line.

All you need to do is go to

Once signed up, you go through their web site when purchasing from a long list of popular outlets and those purchases attract a donation to us. Every little helps!

Acorn Stairlifts is a supplier of equipment for those with mobility issues that gives us commission on any goods purchased by people who apply for information via our website. Please scroll down to after the Events for details.

AutoChair is a specialist in vehicle adaptions that enable people with mobility issues to transport their chairs with their vehicles and retain independence. The company also makes other products that enable users to get out and about in their own or family vehicle. Although we are not endorsing their products, if you contact them through Bracknell Shopmobility’s  allocted telephone enquiry number 0800059 0055, and a sale results, we will receive a worthwhile donation.

Events 2018

Saturday 29 September, 24 November & 15 December: Craft Fairs

More opportunities to buy that hand made gift or something for yourself from our local craftsmen and craftswomen.

Friday 26 October: Posh Tea and Cakes for only three pounds

Come along and enjoy a good cuppa rosie with a slice or two of what you fancy. You know it makes sense.

Added attraction for this event!!! We have a vocalist who will be singing songs from the 40s & 50s. So come along at 12:00 ’till 1:00 to join in the fun.

Friday 9 November: Poppy Day Buffet: three pounds.

Our annual fund raiser for the British Legion

Saturday 15 December: Father Christmas Grotto; price TBA

It is that time of year again and we hope to add to the fun by presenting our Christmas Grotto resplendently decorated and with Father Christmas in residence. Details will be available at the shop during November.

Since last November to the end of June 2018 we have raised just over £24,000. Thank you for your support. Our target is some £30K. So, we still have some way to go. Please continue to come along to the shop for the events and also purchase items from the Alladin’s cave of things people have kindly donated. You never know what you may find.


Acorn Stairlifts are a major British company manufacturing stairlifts and if you are considering having one installed in your home, please apply for information from them using the link below.

Bracknell Shopmobility is not endorsing their products. However, we recognise that they are a well established producer. Should you consider them and conclude a purchase, they will make a worthwhile donation to help us maintain our services.

Please complete this form, click “send enquiry” and the details will go through to Acorn Stairlifts. Alternatively, you may telephone 0800 0169492 quoting reference “96131”.