Terms & Conditions

1. To take due care of the wheelchair/scooter/or other equipment whilst in my care and not to leave it unattended at any time unless safely parked out of the way of pedestrians and any key removed.

2. To exercise due care and attention at all times whilst using any vehicle loaned to me. In accordance with the terms of the insurance policy, Shopmobility is responsible for the first One Hundred pounds of any claim arising. The amount may be passsed onto the person using the vehicle at the discretion of the Manager.

3. To be aware that the users of powered wheelchairs/scooters do not have legal right of way on the footpath or highway.

4. To return the wheelchair/scooter or other equipment to the Shopmobility Centre in a fit and clean state and in good condition.

5. To return the wheelchair/scooter to the Shopmobility Centre on or before the agrred time. Constant failure to do so, may result in a membership being withdrawn.

6. Unfortunately, due to health and safety regulations, staff are unable to assist with lifting.

7. The Management reserve the right to refuse a loan at their discreation. Management also reserve the right to very the terms of the scheme at any time and will notify members of any changes.

8. All users of wheelchairs/scooters do so at their own risk. Bracknell Shopmobility accept no liability whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage suffered by any user whilst operating any vehicles, uness caused as a direct result from failure to keep the vehicles and equipment properly maintained.

9. To comply with any operating instructions as given by Bracknell Shopmobility.